What type of work is it?

Farming is hard work but it’s rewarding

Although farm work can be demanding, it will be rewarding too. You’ll be sharing the experience with like-minded people, learning about new cultures and making new friends. You will be paid at least the national minimum wage for the work and most people end up with money to go home with. Below are some tasks you could be involved with at certain times of the year:

  • Picking soft fruit such as raspberries and strawberries, May to November.
  • Picking top fruit such as apples, August to mid-October
  • Vegetables and salads throughout the year
  • Protected crops (e.g. cut flowers, vegetables, herbs, pot plants and nursery stock) at any time of year
  • Forestry spring and autumn

The type work you are applying for is low skilled and will probably include the following:

  • Planting and gathering crops
  • Picking and packing fruit and vegetables
  • Weeding, husbandry and pruning.
  • Erecting polytunnels, irrigation systems and fencing.

If you have any additional skills such as being qualified to drive a tractor or forklift truck, have experience as a supervisor or speak fluent English, then let your Agent know. We will do our best to place you accordingly.