Concordia Pastoral Fund

Funding that Benefits Participants and Growers

Given that Concordia is a charity, we assign a proportion of our funds each year to activities and items that will enhance the experience of our participants, and encourage cross-cultural learning. Primarily, we aim to finance educational opportunities, and activities that enable Concordia members to mix with the local community or that bring them together as a multicultural group. In the past, we have funded:

  • English language lessons
  • Celebrations and events for your staff together with the local community
  • BBQs that bring your staff together
  • Cultural trips out to a local town or city or place of interest
  • Football goals and nets
  • Gym equipment
  • Table tennis tables
  • Pool tables
  • Bicycles

If you’re a grower, you can apply to receive pastoral funds from Concordia, which you would like to spend on such activities and items. To do so, please download, complete and return the relevant form on this page.

For any emergency situations: Please contact Jon Edgell on 01273 422 293 immediately to discuss your situation and how we can help straight away.