Extra support when you need it

We’re on hand to support you during your busy harvest time

Providing seasonal labour during your peak production times is just part of our service. Farms receiving a sudden influx of pickers from around Europe may need some additional help from us so the transition from a new employee to quality picker runs smoothly. Here are some of the extra services we offer.

Providing Barclaycard Wagecards to all Concordia growers

Many of our growers have found it more difficult in recent years to open UK bank accounts for their seasonal employees. So we’re proud to work in partnership with Barclaycard to give you a practical solution to a very concerning problem.

Offering advice like a Human Resources department

We provide on going support to all employers to offer advice and fact sheets on a range of employment issues, from tax and insurance to employment law and health and safety. Just call the office or log in to your Grower Account »

Essential Skills Training from Concordia

At Concordia we believe that training and up-skilling your workforce is good for business. Not only does it motivate your key team, but makes your business more efficient as well as safer place to work.

Concordia are now pleased to offer Growers our Essential Skills Training programme which gives affordable 1 to 3 day practical training courses designed specifically to horticulture with nationally recognised qualifications. From L1 and L2 CIEH training to our Super Supervisors training course, we can help up skill your team at an affordable price. Learn more »