Coming back to Concordia

We’d love to see you next year too

If a farmer has employed you in the past and was happy with your work, you may well be invited back the following year. The farmer you worked for, will normally talk to you about this at the end of your season with them. If this happens, you will become a ‘returnee applicant’.

An invitation to return to a farm is a real compliment, it also gives you an opportunity to build on your working relationship and sometimes take on more responsibility. If a grower would like to have you back, they’ll let us know and we’ll arrange for your agent to get in touch. It is also possible to come back as a direct returnee through Concordia.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been invited back to a farm, and would like to work with Concordia again. Simply contact us in the normal way - by either applying for job on this website or going through your agent.

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