Why Concordia?

Making sure your experience with us is a happy one

  • We only work with the farms that share our philosophy
  • By choosing to work on a Concordia farm you can be sure the standards of accommodation and pay are fair.
  • Our licensed agents are there to ensure you have all the information you need for your stay in the UK.

As a Concordia member we promise to:

  • provide you with comprehensive insurance to cover a range of eventualities while you are working on a Concordia placement
  • get you back home in a medical emergency if you are taken ill and cannot work
  • give you practical help should you find yourself in a difficult situation through no fault of your own
  • help you to resolve issues relating to your job that you cannot resolve yourself
  • forward documents and outstanding pay once you are back in your own country

Concordia membership works well with Agent support services and we will work together to ensure you get the support you need while you are in the UK. We recommend anyone who would like to discuss issues with people from their own country or does not speak good English to also take Agent support services