The Concordia commitment to our growers

We are committed to providing you with:

  • candidates who have been thoroughly screened. That way we can be sure we give you only quality employees
  • the best workers Europe and the UK has to offer
  • experienced UK staff on hand to help
  • a quick and honest response to requests
  • flexibility in the movement of workers
  • help and support with Concordia members , if they are taken ill or have an accident or you require a mediator for an HR issue
  • up to date and accurate information in real time about your booking on our online booking system
  • a fair recruitment process that complies with GLA standards
  • benefits of pastoral care for all our members and growers
  • advice on a range of issues, including health and safety and employment law

With strong connections across Europe we can offer:

  • A network of GLA-licensed agents across Europe including Bulgaria and Romania thus minimising risk of using just one source for recruitment
  • Agents that agree to work with our strict code of ethics
  • Recruitment with Agents that have first-hand experience of what it is like to work on a farm